The Plane Hell PETITION  will be sent to the Minister for Aviation when the number of signatures reaches our target.  Please consider signing it, or contacting us directly if any of the comments shown here, that were made by a few of the people who have already signed, apply to your life in a London Under Planes…..

I’m woken by the horrific noise of planes constantly passing overhead from 4.45am

The planes are very loud and noticeable. It is really unnecessary as they could easily redesign the flight paths to spread out the impact and make the situation more bearable for everyone.

I’m signing because I have stayed with friends suffering under the flightpath and have experienced myself the noise of flights starting at 4.30am.

Plane noise is continuous when the winds are Westerly and this is the predominant wind direction. There is no pause between planes as the drone of one magnifies and booms ovehead in the relative quiet the sound of the next magnifying drone begins. It is unpleasant and exhausting for those under these spectcularly low flight paths. The first planes inevitably break sleep and their continual droning breaks down the quality of sleep for the rest of the night causing stress to residents and affecting their ability to work productively.

I’m signing because in the last few months I have been experiencing increasing sleep disturbance because of the planes flying over my property on their way to TWO airports (Heathrow and London City Airport), especially late at night and very early in the morning.

I live directly under this flight path in Camberwell and my family and I don’t get much sleep with flights starting as early as 4:30am. My windows rattle loudly each time a plane comes over and it’s making our lives a misery. 6am is a more than reasonable time for landings.

Something has changed. The planes are so low and in the evening, all sense of calm and peace is removed by constant drone of plane after plane.

I’m signing because noisy, whining, low-flying, planes from 4.30am – 11.30pm are a relentless misery for anyone subjected to them, the lack of sleep disabling any positive contribution to society or a love for life.

It is not unreasonable to want to sleep in South London!!