Heathrow Airspace & Future Operations Response Guide

Heathrow is consulting on changing its flight paths – we need to act.

Please read this and respond to the Heathrow consultation by Monday 4th March.

Make sure you have your say – otherwise we could have 25,000 more planes coming over us every year in a constant line.  There will then be more than 500,000 planes per year flying over us to and from Heathrow at a low and debilitating altitude.

Heathrow is changing its flight paths, whether or not it gets a third runway. These changes could make life even worse for residents across South East London or bring some improvement to the unrelenting plane noise we face every day and night.

Plane Hell Action has produced a special How-To-Respond guide to help you navigate Heathrow’s Airspace and Future Operations consultation.  Heathrow will use the responses to decide where their flight paths will go for a hugely increased number of planes.

The consultation covers 4 things:

Noise  ~ More flights ~ Night Flights ~ Airport Expansion

To respond to the consultation you can either:

The consultation can be confusing, so please use our How-To-Respond guide, which takes you through the questions with some explanatory notes.


Some key points to put in your own words are:

  • Protect our quality of life: enjoyment of our homes, gardens and health is paramount above economic benefits to airlines.
  • Keep noise levels within latest WHO guidelines: 40dB at night/shoulder (11pm – 6am); & 45dB during the day (6am – 11pm)
  • Do not concentrate flight paths – spread the effects of aviation noise, not concentrate them as is currently wrongly interpreted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Air Traffic Controllers (NATS) and, in this consultation, Heathrow.
  • Ban night flights in accordance with World Health Organisation’s report that  8 hours minimum sleep is required for good health
  • Stop double overflight from Heathrow and London City; no community should be affected by air traffic below 5000ft to more than one airport
  • Do not lift the interim proposed cap on flights (25,000 more on top of the current capped 480,000).

Let your MP and councillors know what you think
Copy your views to your MP – https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

And your Council’s Environment Department – https://www.directory.londoncouncils.gov.uk

and your Ward Councillor (see above, directory.londoncouncils) – this is the only way our representatives will know what we feel about the proposed changes and will be better able to support our local environment and community, if necessary challenging Government policy and/or Heathrow.

Deadline for returning your response is 11.55pm on Monday 4 March 2019

Please share this message and, for those not aware of the effects of living under a flight path, ask them to watch this short video and support our campaign: https://twitter.com/The_AEF/status/1075773140070875137