Aviation policy decisions lie with the Department for Transport.  These will include such directives as ‘least number of people overflown’ that result lin flight path concentration.  Complaints to the DfT about the debilitating effects of implemented flight paths can be made through these links:

The CAA works with the DfT on policy and is then responsible for regulating the implementation of those policies.  Complaints to the CAA can be made using

Complain to Heathrow through the following links: (complaints must be complete with address and postcode)

Complain to London City Airport using:

You can see planes and their flight paths using flightradar24.  This shows all planes worldwide in real time as they travel and you can hone in on your area and get information about individual planes by clicking on them.You can also see planes making their journeys on Heathrow’s WebTrak tool.  WebTrak claims to be more accurate than flightradar24 and is delayed by 20 minutes, so is not in real time.  A noise complaint can be raised from within the WebTrak tool.

London City Airport flights can be tracked using Travis.